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Soft cheese Dippold Milky

Soft cheese Dippold Milky
28.00 €

Cheese Bergkäse of Valis

Cheese Bergkäse of Valis
17.50 €

Cheese Bergkäse of Tessin

Cheese Bergkäse of Tessin
17.50 €

Bergkäse cheese from the canton of Bern

Bergkäse cheese from the canton of Bern
20.00 €

Raclette cheese

Raclette cheese
18.50 €

Winter cheese "Dippold Milky" - a separate art

Many people think that cheese is produced only in the summer.

Learn why it is not so

How do we make our famous cheese "Dippold Milky"

We make our cheese (by the way - Swiss cheese) only from raw whole milk, which give local alpine cows that never in my life do not eat silage, but only fresh feed or hay. The production process is quite long and troublesome, but we like it.

In the normalized milk mixture added rennet, lactic ferment of sticks and propionic acid bacteria and other ingredients. Produced heated to 30-34 ° C and coiling for 25-40 minutes. After cutting clot formulation grain remove excess serum and appends salted water and the second heating temperature to 48-58 ° C for 20-35 minutes with a temperature increase of 1 ° C / min. After the kneading is performed under serum layer at molding pressure of 1 to 2 kPa for 20-35 minutes and then pressing under a pressure of from 9 to 150 kPa for 3-18 hours perepressovok amount - up to eight.

After pressing, the cheese is maintained in forms for 8-12 hours until the water content is not more than 44%. Then the cheese is subjected to salting brine concentration 20-22% and a temperature of 20-22 ° C for 3-8 days. Cheese ripening goes successively with cold (temperature 10 to 14 ° C, humidity of 80 to 92%, the dwell time - from 10 to 30 days), and then the warm (temperature 15 to 25 ° C, humidity of 88 to 95%, time of exposure - 15 to 40 days) and then cold (temperature of 6 to 12 ° C, humidity of 85 to 92%, the dwell time - from 25 to 140 days) cells.

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Congratulations to all the lovers


Congratulations to all the lovers with inexorably approaching Valentine's Day! Let your hearts will always love !.
Do not forget that the best gift - a cheese).

Do not miss tasting the new collection


Welcome to the new collection tasting cheeses "Günter Dippold" to be held on February 7 in the dairy in our Fournet.
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Yay! We opened an office in Moscow


Finally overcome all obstacles and connoisseurs of high art of cheese making our from Russia now have the opportunity to communicate without intermediaries.

About "Dippold Milky" more

You will surely feel the love that we feel for his remarkable work has been for more than a hundred years. We actually became the first company in the world that has moved to the production of cheese only from fresh milk. Our quality requirements for milk set standards for all of our suppliers, because they also love to know our cheeses and contribute to a great cause. We have tried to draw attention to the fact that deserves attention as a serious and thoughtful gourmet, and the common man. What eventually happened, and became what is now the "Gunther Dippold" - the global standard of quality and taste.

Lovely Furna - the birthplace of our famous cheese
"Dippold Milky"

We invite to cooperation wholesale and wholesale companies and individuals.



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Taste of cheese "Cassandra" firm "Dippold Milky" can not be described in words. This is my favorite cheese, and I am very grateful to you for what you are doing it. For me, as a remedy for stress and balm for the soul. Always ugoschyayu of his friends and always know that they will be happy and will be surprised by its unusual and very refined taste.

Helen. London


For all products of our company, we provide quality assurance and compliance with the standards of the European Union and the WTO. Ensure trouble-free replacement of the product at our expense, in case of any defects. On the first request, provide certificates and licenses.

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About soft cheeses "Dippold Milky"

A feature of soft cheeses, which specializes in our company, is that during the manufacture of extrusion, as compared to hard cheeses absent. Some species of our cheeses are famous because they laced with mold. Their delicate taste and aroma will delight gourmets and connoisseurs of unusual varieties of cheese, which concerns all of our cheeses.

"Dippold Milky" - elegance and naturalness

Unforgettable taste of alpine meadows.

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